50 Shades of Grey: Sexy Secrets of Christian Grey’s Apartment Set

Posted By Heather Rusick on 2/10/15 3:10 PM


Excited to see Christian Grey’s luxury penthouse apartment come to life on the big screen? Not long to wait now, but fans heading to the Escala building in Seattle will be disappointed - although the luxury penthouse suite here did inspire author E.L. James, the apartment set was created on sound stages.

Creating the Red Room

Christian’s secret Red Room proved to be the most difficult part of the set to create. E.L. James was anxious to ensure that the set didn’t turn out to be too tacky, and provided the directors with a detailed plan for the, um, “furniture”, plus a vision of a high end, luxury stable type room, with plush leathers and bespoke wooden items.

In order to get it absolutely right, designers David and Sandy Wasco invited real life dominant advisors to give their input into the set, which led to authentic details.

To see the Red Room in all its glory, you’ll have to wait for the movie release; although much of the rest of Christian’s apartment can be viewed on the Fifty Shades of Grey website, some secrets are best left unspilled.

Impersonal Yet Personal

The rest of the apartment set is in muted, stark, cold colors, with lots of marble flooring and uncomfortable, minimalist furniture. It’s deliberately aloof and impersonal, yet hidden within the set are clues to Christian’s life and personality. The art work, for instance, was carefully chosen to reflect who he is.

Spotting the subtle personal details in the Fifty Shades set design will no doubt keep fans busy over several viewings. Lots of viewings, in fact. Oh yes, lots of viewings! The design intricacies are unlikely to be the first thing on your mind, but it’s good to know how much effort has gone into creating an authentically Christian-like environment for the actors to play in.

Why not try creating your own minimalist, sexy apartment look?