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How To Lease a Car Like A Grown Up Person

Posted on 5/29/15 8:19 AM

So, you're really coming up in the world. You got a real job and you're pretty familiar with the fact that business casual means Banana Republic. The trouble is, all your coworkers have fancy cars and you're rocking your Jetta from college. 

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Netflix Day In! Top-Picks - Netflix Original Series

Posted on 5/15/15 12:29 PM

Your apartment, the rain and Netflix = the perfect lazy-day in. Now that you have decided to stay indoors, your next important decision is what to watch on Netflix -- Netflix Original Series? Movies? Documentaries? The options are endless, but my vote goes to binge watching Netflix Original Series (N.O.S.), because well, they’re addicting. If you’re not familiar with N.O.S., not to worry, strap in and get ready for a streaming adventure with our top Netflix picks for the perfect day in.

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Brunch in the OC

Posted on 5/8/15 2:49 PM

Still haven’t made your Mother’s Day reservations but want to spoil your Mom in style? Well if you’re like me, the un-planner, then you are most-likely scurrying around, looking for fabulous OC brunch locations. In an effort to help in your last minute search, below are a few of my favorite spots that happen to have Mother’s Day brunch menus to die for.  

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Ask a Neat Freak - How To Do Dishes

Posted on 5/1/15 3:45 PM

There's a lot of things we do on a regular basis without giving it any real thought. File "dishes" under that category. Given the invention of the dishwasher and the set-it-and-forget-it mentality it brings us, there's a knowledge gap when it comes to hand washing dishes. 

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How to Get Along With Your New Co-Workers

Posted on 4/17/15 3:30 PM

Most likely the one place you spend more of your time than your zen-den-apartment is your place of employment. Eeeek, spreadsheets. Whether you work at a tech-startup, an office, a restaurant or Forever 21, there's a good chance you're surrounded by people, people with whom you have to interact. 

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The Triangle is a Friday Night Out in OC

Posted on 4/10/15 8:22 AM

Long-time Orange County afficianados will remember Triangle Square in Costa Mesa as the spot with the NikeTown and Virgin Megastore. Ahead of its time, the destination has recently been reimagined, reimaged and significantly enhanced. The Triangle, as it's now known is currently the go-to spot for a night out. Here's why:

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Explore The Pool Deck at Valentia

Posted on 4/7/15 4:46 PM

Situated in La Jolla, Valentia Apartments offers you the lifestyle you deserve. Chic, versatile and so convenient. One of the best features is the resort-style pool. Experience a 360 with this Google Photo Sphere. 

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Enter Your Pet to Win An Ultimate Prize Pack

Posted on 4/3/15 11:02 AM

Who's The Cutest?

Share a pic of your furry best friend via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter using #SheaPetsLove from now until April 10.

Vote for your favorites from April 11 - 15. One winner will receive an Ultimate Pampered Pet Gift Basket, complete with human treats! In addition, one randomly selected winner will receive a Pampered Pet Prize Pack.

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Finding the Perfect Roommate

Posted on 3/25/15 11:30 AM

Living alone is the ultimate dream but if finances are tight, roommate living might be your only option. If roommate living is your reality, choose wisely and follow our essential roommate commandments to stay on the right side of your new live-in friend.

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Spring Wallpapers for Your Devices

Posted on 3/20/15 8:32 AM

It's officially spring and Shea Apartment Living is celebrating by sharing some inspired wallpapers for your devices. This year, we're celebrating the Dahlia. We have spring-themed wallpapers for your desktop, tablet and mobile device. Spring up your device and enjoy the season. 

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