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Semi-painless cleaning for your apartment

Posted on 5/3/17 2:31 PM

You know things are getting out of hand when you start to consider the roaches in your apartment as pets. You'd like to live in a spotless place, but you can't afford a maid and, unlike Sherlock's apartment, there's no Mrs. Hudson to clean up for you. Here are a few tricks and techniques to keep your place clean,  get it organized fast and suck it up and clean the bathroom. Oh yeah -- and get rid of smells.
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First Apartment? X Apps to Manage Your New Pad on the Go

Posted on 3/22/17 4:12 PM

Moving out of your dorm room or (ahem) your parents’ basement is a major milestone. Assuming you’ve managed to tackle the ins and outs of laundry and basic meal preparation, it look like you’re ready to level up and really get this adulting thing underway.

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Feng Shui Your Clutter

Posted on 3/2/17 3:39 PM

Apartment living can be a challenge. You have to squeeze yourself and all of your worldly belongings into a small studio if you're lucky enough to live by yourself, or into just one bedroom if you've got roommates. If you've been struggling with clutter in your small living space, you're not alone! With such little space even just one thing out of place can feel like a mess, but don't despair. If you're starting to feel like the walls are closing in on you, there are some small things you can do to improve your living situation, and get some Feng Shui, the Chinese art of interior design, back in your life.
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Being a Grown-up Volume 1: Your Apartment is Not Your Dorm Room

Posted on 1/23/17 3:44 PM


So you've crossed the stage, grabbed your diploma and are on your way to true adulthood! There's no manual for how to approach the rest of your life, but you can have some control over your living space, which will now become your refuge from the real world. Here are a few tips for making your apartment more habitable than your dorm room.

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Shea Apartments Goes Smoke-Free to Promote Healthy Living

Posted on 1/10/17 9:01 AM

As of Jan. 1, 2017, all 21 properties in the Shea Apartments portfolio will transition to 100% smoke-free communities. The wellness initiative is part of our company’s commitment to providing a completely healthy living environment for its residents.

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Ten Tips to Make Moving Less Miserable

Posted on 12/30/16 11:35 AM

We know, we know. The process of moving home is a humungous PITA. That’s why we’ve come up with ten handy tips that will prevent your blood pressure from bubbling up to dangerous heights during the big switch.

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5 Tips for Successful Living With Neighbors

Posted on 4/11/16 3:59 PM

Most people who enjoy apartment living understand that a beautiful space and amenities also come with a community of neighbors. While you may make great friends through chance meetings in the halls, elevators, or other common areas of your apartment building, it doesn't mean that you'll become friends with everyone living there. Here are five ways to work with your neighbors to make living together a good experience.

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Living The OC Life

Posted on 3/31/16 2:55 PM

The luxurious living that Orange County has to offer is not a secret. From the hit TV shows, to the plethora of Hollywood productions shot on its beautiful soil, the OC’s regular appearance in mainstream media has made audiences all over the world long to be a part of its culture. What’s regularly portrayed on screen isn’t all smoke and mirrors either. The OC is an iconic area of California that is just as beautiful and elegant as the cameras would have you believe.

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Dog-Friendly South Denver

Posted on 2/2/16 12:19 PM

There is nothing like my dog greeting me at the apartment door after a long day. His tail wags, and his happy kisses are unconditional love at its finest. As I spend my free time out and around South Denver, I find myself wanting to share an afternoon excursion with my four-legged friend. One of the best ways to have some bonding time after spending hours apart is taking him out for a fun afternoon together.

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5 Annoying Things That Roommates Do

Posted on 1/28/16 2:57 PM

Let's face it; roommates are a fact of life. Ideally, they help you pay the rent, keep the electricity flowing and tidy up before your mom visits, but no one is perfect. All of us have suffered in silence at the lazy or uncongenial attitude of a roommate, particularly when he's happily engaged in the following activities.

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