Useful Cleaning Tips For Your Apartment

Posted By Heather Rusick on 7/18/14 3:40 PM

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Everyone loves a spotless apartment - when a home is clean and tidy people are happier, healthier, and more productive in their day to day lives. Even though we all love a clean apartment, it is not always easy to find the time. With work, children, friends and more, life tends to get in the way of chores and lack of motivation can come into play. This is a common problem to most of us, as stated by Andrea Atkins of Woman's Day magazine,

"You love a spotless house - but you don't want to spend the bulk of your time actually cleaning.... you can make chores easier, more effective and much less time-consuming, so you can have a tidy, sparkling home in no time flat. Even Mom would approve."

Kick-off in the Kitchen

Cleaning experts have found that starting in the kitchen and cleaning in a clockwise motion, starting on the right of the stove, is a more natural and instinctive approach to completing the job. Since the stove is usually the dirtiest area in the kitchen, cleaning it last will keep you from spreading the dirt and grease around the room as you go. Always sanitize your sink, first wash with soap and water and then spray vinegar followed by hydrogen peroxide and let dry before washing away. Wipe down your dishwasher with baking soda and run an empty cycle with Dishwasher Magic, for a deep clean. To keep your oven looking shiny and new line the interior with a non-stick overliner, this also makes cleaning the over fast and easy! Clean your garbage disposal with a cut-up lemon, ice and salt to clean it inside and out.

Next Move to the Bathrooms

Make your glass shower doors shine with lemon oil and throw your shower liners in the wash with a couple of towels to clean-off mold and mildew. To disinfect sponges lying around your bathroom, squeeze them out and then nuke them in the microwave for a minute, if they have a funky smell, toss them out. To get your toilet nice and clean, drop a teaspoon of Tang Drink Mix in the bowl and let the natural citrus acid work like little scrubbing bubbles. This is a great cleaning secret if you have pets and little children who may think that the toilet bowl is just another place to play in. It's non-toxic and does most of the work for you.

Finish with the Floors

Cleaning should always be done from top to bottom so last but definitely not least are your floors - another area that is often neglected and collects most of the dirt in your home. Whether you have carpets or hard surfaces, there is a right way to clean both. When sweeping hard flooring make sure that you use the right kind of broom for the area you're cleaning. Brooms with finer bristles work better on indoor and porous surfaces. And an outdoor broom will require stronger and stiffer bristles. Once you get the sweeping out of the way, make sure you mop to sanitize and wipe the dirt away. To keep your carpet nice and clean, vacuum once a week.

There are a variety of little tricks and secrets you can use to keep your home nice and tidy and it doesn't have to take all day to do it. One way to do this is to make cleaning a family affair - teach your kids to clean up after themselves, you are not only creating a clean and safe environment for them to live in, but also preparing them for a healthy future. According to,

"One of the best things to teach your kids from an easy age is to clean up after themselves and help with general home maintenance. This teaches children accountability and responsibility - and can help give you a much-needed break when you simply can't face doing the dusting."

Most people do not approach cleaning with relish, but if they do it right and they have happy helpers, they can find that the task can be very rewarding… and if that doesn’t work for you, just call a cleaning service!

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