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wall curtains

Want to bring a little umph to your apartment walls without paint?! Hanging wall curtains is a great and simple alternative to turning your pad from drab to fab in just seconds. As you get sick of one color or design, no primer and paint needed, just swap the old out for new and the look of your room is transformed without even breaking a sweat.

Wall curtains are a simple solution to hide a less attractive wall, frame a beautiful view in your apartments, even bring attention to your favorite piece of artwork. Want a bed canopy, no problem, grab some fabric, wall hangers and get started.

Hanging Wall Curtains – What You Need:

  • Curtain rod or wire – a rod will add an extra special touch
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws and drill

It’s Time to Transform

  1. First, pick a wall. How?! If you want to make a statement, choose a wall that has little to no furniture or if you want a sublet yet fabulous look, pick a wall that is the main focal point with furniture. Once you have decided on the wall, measure the dimensions, including height and length, to make sure you purchase the right amount of fabric. *Note: don’t feel limited to one fabric, you can layer, mix and match, it’s really up to you!
  2. Now that you’ve picked your style, start hanging. Either install your curtain rod as instructed or stretch your curtain wire from corner to corner and secure it into place. And don’t worry about drilling into your Shea Apartment Community, that is normal wear-and-tear, so drill away; just don’t get too crazy.
  3. Hang the curtains on the rod/wire and adjust to your liking. Simple and easy!

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