Posted By Heather Rusick on 1/28/13 5:17 AM

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Want to give your apartment a pop of color? Changing wall paint is a fast and effective way to give your apartment a new look without breaking the bank, but the colors you choose says a lot about the inner you – here are five of our favorite color palettes and what physiologist say about the people who love them.

Red – Passionate and deep. Red goes back in time as a passionate color and people who lean towards all shades of red are generally optimistic, outgoing and passionate about life.

Blue – Calm and serine. An earth color, reminiscent of the sky and water. People who paint with shades of blue have peaceful and quiet personalities.

Black – Dark and sexy. A classy color but best used in small doses. Lovers of all things black ted to give the impression that they have a secret to hide but impress while doing it. 

White – Clean and pure. People who paint with shades of white find comfort in simplicity and views the world though youthful eyes. 

Grey – Sleek and modern. Pop a little grey on your walls and you will feel the peace and tranquility in the room. A mix between black and white, those who decorate in grey are more willing to compromise.

Now that you know the psychology of wall colors, go out and get a bucket of your favorite color at home depot and start painting away – pretty soon your apartment will reveal the inner you! And don’t forget to upload your new wall color to Shea Apartment Living’s Facebook.

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