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christmas Wine Party

Hosting a Christmas party can be intimidating, especially when you invite a lot of friends and family. Luckily you live in an apartment and don’t have room for a big holiday bash, make it simple this year and throw a low-key Christmas party – way more fun!

Plan your party! For a successful party you need to plan, plan your theme, food, decorations and more. No need for a bartender, and DJ, look in the mirror, that’s all you; create a list of music you will be playing throughout the night and holiday cocktails that you will be serving.

Note: Save time and create a music playlist list instantly on   

Theme. A great theme is a holiday pajama and “brown bag” wine tasting party – classy yet casual! For more info on a “brown bag” wine party visit our past blog “Host a Wine Tasting Party at Your Apartment This Weekend”. PJ’s you ask?! What could be better than going to a holiday party in your warm, comfy pajamas – umm nothing. If you stick with this theme, your party will become a trend year after year.

Guest List. Make a guest list of ten with alternatives just in case some people cannot make it – you have ten spots, fill them.

Date. Lockdown your holiday party date, the sooner the better. Schedules fill-up fast during the holiday season and you want to book your favies before they commit to another party. Once your date is confirmed create a private event in Facebook and invite everyone on your guest list. Be sure to include the time the festivities begin, if there is a meal included and the dress.

Menu. Don’t take all the responsibility of feeding your guests, make it an appetizer potluck. Ask everyone to bring their favorite appetizer to the party, reminding them to make enough for all guests. Your job in the food department is to make a couple of appetizers and desserts. A crowd pleaser at any party is mini patty melt bits, I suggest you try - simple yet delicious.  

            Mini Patty Melt Bits Recipe –

            1 LB Beef

            1 LB Jimmy Dean Sausage

            1 LB Velveeta Cheese

            1 Package of Mini Rye Bread

Mash the beef and sausage together, cook in a skillet until the pink cooked all the way through. Add the Velveeta cheese to the meat and cook until the cheese is melted and mixed evenly throughout the meat.

Place all the mini rye bread pieces on a cookie sheet and place a heaping scoop of the meat and cheese mixture on top. Put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes (until the bread is crispy) and serve.

Note: To add a little more flair to the dish, grill up onions and place them on top.


Make sure to have additional beverages on hand just in case of an emergency. Hey you want your party to go all night long! Also be sure to have nonalcoholic drinks on hand for those who do not care for alcoholic beverages.

Don’t take on more than you can chew and afford. You still have to Christmas shop and bake this holiday season – save some energy for the big day.

What is your favorite holiday party theme?

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