Posted By Heather Rusick on 8/1/12 8:13 AM

Olympic rings square 1Kids are always looking for fun games to play around the house and in honor of the Olympics it’s time to get a soda bottle and some diving rings because we are having an Olympic ring toss! Not only will this game keep your kids busy for hours, it is cheap and quick to put together, plus it doesn’t leave a mess.


  • 2-liter bottle filled with sand, water or any other liquid, just make sure the bottle is nice and heavy.
  • Diving rings. If you do not have any diving rings you can get creative with cardboard or any other household item. When cutting out your rings be sure to cut the hole in the middle large enough to fit over the 2-liter bottle neck.
  • Duct tape

To setup your handy dandy Olympic ring toss put a piece of duct tape on the floor, this will mark the ‘toss line’. Next, place your filled 2-liter bottle directly across from your toss line, leaving a good amount of space between the two. Finally, hand your kiddies the rings and let the fun begin. The Olympic ring toss is also a great family time activity!

If your kids have fun with the Olympic ring toss try out some more apartment fun and download the FREE ebook Olympic Activities for Kids.

What activities do you and your family love doing around your Shea Apartment Community

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