Posted By Heather Rusick on 3/2/12 8:47 AM

dryer sheets fabric softener 350w 263h

Fabric softener sheets were invented to add a fresh scent to clothes and make them feel snuggly-soft, but there are other interesting household uses for this delightful little sheet then what it was created for. Here are five fabulous ways to put fabric softeners to good use around your Shea apartment.

  1. Pick up pesky pet hair. If you live in a pet-friendly apartment at a Shea Apartment Community then you will be buying fabric softener by the bulk.  With a fabric softener sheet in hand and a couple of swipes, you can remove all the animal hair that is left behind on your furniture from your favorite four legged critter.
  2. Remove Burnt-on Residue in a dish. Grim stuck on your pan? Not to worry, grab a couple of fabric softens sheets, throw them in the dish, fill it up with warm water and soak overnight. In the morning the burnt food stuck on your dish will just wash away – no need to use your elbow grease.
  3. Dust your blinds. If your apartment blinds are getting a little dusty grab a couple of fabric softener sheets and wipe the dust away. This will keep your blinds looking squeaky clean and repel future dust away.
  4. Make chrome shine. If your clean chrome needs a little help regaining its luster or removing streaks left behind, you can easily buff up the shine with a single fabric softener sheet.
  5. Combat car stench. Is there a stench in your car that you just can’t locate? Place a fabric softener sheet underneath each car seat to soak up unwanted odor in a jiff - it beats putting a clip on your nose!

Do you have any other great uses for fabric softener sheets around the household?

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