Posted By Heather Rusick on 12/21/11 11:41 AM

holiday gifts

There are only 5 days left until the big day, which means your shopping time is limited. It’s time to get your battle gear on because you are going to war with all the last minute shoppers, and they can be feisty. Before you leave the house, you must, I repeat you must have a game plan. The parking is going to be a nightmare and lines are going to be long, which means people will be extremely grumpy. Don’t worry, this is normal behavior for last minute shoppers, its just part of this awesome holiday. If you start to get frustrated during your last minute excursion just remember, you have a game plan and will be out in no time. I have compiled a few of my favorite holiday gifts just in case you need some help with your last minute shopping.

  1. iPad. It has been around for a couple of years but still remains a top choice on holiday wish lists. I have a feeling the popularity will not slow down; especially when the iPad 3 is announced next year (a little rumor around town). What better way of showing your love than with technology of the year?! This amazing toy can be a little pricy but it is well worth the happiness that your loved one will get, when they open it on Christmas day.
  2. Nixon J1 Camera. Now this camera is on my wish list and I sure hope I get it. Not only will I use it to share awesome things with you, but to document important events in life. This camera allows individuals to spark conversations through photos, movies and multimedia. In the social world today this means you can share photos on Facebook, upload videos to – you can basically share your story anywhere!
  3. Kindle Fire. If you want to save a pretty penny but still get your loved one a hot holiday tablet, I highly recommend the Kindle Fire. You can access the web through Wi-Fi, watch movies, play games, download books and more. It’s basically the Kindle on steroids and in color – love!
  4. Kinect Xbox 360. You can’t go wrong giving this gift for the holidays; it is one of the greatest inventions. Not only will this make your child smile, you can make great family memories by playing this game together – this gift is pretty much a double whammy. Kinect allows you to use your body and voice alone to direct action onscreen.
  5. Apple iPod Touch. Now this is great for all ages. The Apple iPod Touch is a stripped down version of the iPhone, which means you can download music, browse the internet and more. The bonus is you don’t have to buy a phone plan when you pick-up this goodie up.

The suggestions above are a little pricy but they are the top gifts this year. Just imagine your loved ones face, when they wake up in their Shea Apartment, run over to the Christmas tree and open up one of these bad boys– smiles from ear to ear!

What is your holiday gift pick?