Posted By Heather Rusick on 12/14/11 10:36 AM

Newport Beach Christmas Parade

Orange County apartment residents are you ready to celebrate the holidays with five consecutive nights of fun? Well then you need to head down to Newport Harbor and view Newport Beach’s 103rd Annual Christmas Parade, the theme this year will be "Feelin' Christmas-Sea in Newport Beach!"

The Christmas Parade will light up the harbor with beautiful multi-million dollar yachts, kayaks, canoes and other small boats. The Christmas floats will wind their way some 14 miles around the harbor to give viewers in restaurants, yacht clubs, on public beaches, and in private homes an incredible sight that has delighted millions of people for a century. Many of the boats will be richly decorated with animated Christmas scenes accompanied by music and costumed carolers. This is a sight to see and a memorable one at that!

The parade starts tonight and lasts until the 18th of December. It begins at Bay Island at 6:30PM and finishes at the same place around 9:30PM. So grab a bite to eat, a glass a wine at your favorite restaurant or just step outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery - its once of a kind!

If you really want to experience the boat parade in style, make sure you are down there the night of the 18th. The parade will end the evening with a firework show launched from Balboa Harbor at 9:00PM. I know I will be there, will you?

What is your favorite thing about Newport Beach's Christmas Light Parade?