Posted By Heather Rusick on 10/13/11 3:05 PM

hard to kill plants

I know what you thinking, more plants that are hard to kill? Yes! Being a plant killer and all, I am excited that there are so many awesome plants I can have at my apartment in Aliso Viejo that will actually stay alive with very little care.  As always, when I am excited about something I like to share my excitement with you, here we go!

  1. Spider Plant – This little guy is a hanging plant and sprouts little “babies” that will hang down from the side of the basket it is planted in, not to mention the awesome striped leaves he has. All you have to do to it keep this guy alive is place him in moderate light, not direct, and let the soil dry out between watering’s… And whoola! This plant will be green and lush for years to come. Just and FYI, the Spider Plant is a great plant for apartment patios!
  2. Pothos – One of the most popular kids in school, not for the name but because it is an awesome plant that requires very, very little attention. The beautiful green leaves on the Pothos only need watering when the soil becomes dry, just drench the soil and then wait for the plant to soak up all the water. Keep the plant in weather that would be comfortable for you and you will have one happy plant – now these guys are easy!
  3. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – A great house plant because of its glossy green leaves and one of the easier plants to take care of. The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia needs only a little water, almost none, and can handle any light the world throws at it; this guy is not even picky about indoor temperature. All you have to do is put this plant in a corner and forget about it for a while; the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia will still be alive when you remember that you have a plant to water.
  4. Cast Iron Plant – Now this is one tough plant, hence the name. If you are super challenged then this is the plant for you. You can throw anything at it and this plant will still survive - any weather any temperature, you are no match. The gorgeous Cast Iron Plant grows upwards to about 24 inches and has large, dark green leaves. If you would like to keep this plant looking it’s best, keep it in a warm room that has indirect sunlight and make sure the soil is kept moist. Don’t worry if you forget all these rules because this plant will fight you to the death.
  5. Hen & Chicks – This cute little plant is great for a place that has tons of sunlight. Resembling an artichoke, the Hen & Chicks spouts little “babies” around the nucleolus of the plant building a robust base. The plant only needs to be watered regularly during spring and summer, and once a month the rest of the year. And if you ignore this plant, not to worry you won’t hurt his feelings; the Hen & Chicks would rather it be that way.

Now that I have shared all the plants that are hard to kill, let me know what plants YOU have killed?