Posted By Heather Rusick on 8/22/11 9:33 AM

modern duvet covers 1Go euro! If you don’t want to spend your morning tucking and folding but want a clean organized apartment, it's time to ditch your drab, flat sheet and replace it with a duvet comforter. Once you do this, you are on your way to a polished bed in 30 seconds – life already sounds better!

  1. Grab all your pillows and toss them aside, you need some space to work with!
  2. Then grab your soft duvet and give it a little shake to even it out the feathers and toss it over your mattress. It does not have to land perfectly, we will fine tune in a second. 
  3. Now that your duvet has a fresh look, pull it on the sides to  even it out and then go to the foot of the bed and pull the duvet down until it is to your liking. Then just give the comforter a couple of swipes with your hands for a smooth finish.
  4. Pick up your pillows and place them against the headboard - flat or angled, it’s your call.

Whola! You have made your bed in 30 seconds and did not have to tuck one thing in - now that was easy breezy. If you would like to add a special touch, grab a linen spray (I prefer lavender) and pump a couple of squirts on your freshly made bed. It will smell delicious when you jump back into it at night and give it a clean feel, plus it only adds about 4 seconds to your bed-making time.

What is your bed-making secret?