How to Politely Kick Out a Pesky Guest that Won’t Leave

Posted By Heather Rusick on 8/16/11 1:20 PM


Having a guest can be fun and add extra excitement to your household but what do you do when your house guest won’t leave? They start becoming a permanent fixture in your beautiful abode! Panic sets in and you wonder, how do you throw your a friend or family member out without damaging the relationship?

It can be hard to give your beloved guest the boot but I am here to let you know there are classy, subtle ways of kicking out your house guest who has overstayed their welcome. Your going to have to put some work in on your end and do your part to get that pesky guest out, but the reward will be well worth it. It's time to take back what is yours - let the battle begin!

Apartment Searching. This is the first step to the path of peace and quiet. Suggest to your guest that you would love to help them with their apartment search. Then, designate a time every week that the two of you sit down and look together – this will plant the seed in your guests’ head and light the fire (fingers crossed). Hey, you could even suggest they checkout the Shea Apartment Communities, I heard their pretty awesome ;)

Request Private Time. It’s your house and your paying the bills so designate a day or two a week that your house guest must leave, you can suggest a couple hours or the whole evening. I vote for the whole evening, your guest should start to get the hint and begin looking for a new place to stay without you even saying a word.

Find Stuff To Do. No one wants to be told what to do, but when someone is staying at your apartment free and clear – there are no rules! Start finding your guest some odd end jobs or community events to attend; they might start feeling like their living with their mother and I am certain they will leave soon.

Chores. Everyone has to do their part in a household and since your guest has decided to raid your space, give them some chores – all of them if you'd would like. Just another subtle way to jump start your guest to start looking for thier own apartment without being rude.

Interrupt Their Daily Routine. People get into daily routines when they become comfortable where they are living, so jump right into your guests' daily routine and jolt it off track. This will get under your guests' skin and if you start annoying them, they are almost out the door.

AND if all else fails just sit your guest down and TELL THEM. Make sure you begin with “I truly care about you” and then followed by “but the apartment is becoming a little too crowded”. Give your guest an eviction date and assure them that you will help out in whatever way you can. 

This is not a comfortable situation and no one wants to confront it dead-on, but sometimes a guest can be hard to shake off and you need to use the direct approach. Good Luck!

Have you had to throw out a house guest? Any pointers?