Posted By Heather Rusick on 5/6/11 11:25 AM

mothers day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to think of a great idea to show her just how much you care! It’s the one day a year all mothers get spoiled by their beautiful children and husbands. You can send her flowers, give her chocolates and take her to brunch, but this year, why not make something from the heart? Show mom you care with a homemade gift, it will melt her heart not your wallet, and you can make it in the comfort of your own apartment.

Here are some fun and creative gift ideas to give to your mother this year; these are great daddy and kiddie projects to do together as well.

Photo Bouquet. This is a cute way to compile mom’s favorite pictures into a craft project.

What you will need:

Construction paper, patterned paper or foam sheets

Glue stick, scissors and tape

Glitter, rhinestones, markers, stickers or anything else you like  to use while crafting 

Green pipe cleaners

How to create:

  1. To begin cut the photos into circles; these will be the center of the flowers. Be sure that the images in your photos are not too big; you do not want to cut off important parts of the pictures. Start out by making six flowers, you can add more after.
  2. Cut a simple flower shape out of the construction paper or foam, if you are advanced you can cut out a more detailed flower shape.
  3. Glue the photos into the center of the flowers.
  4. It’s time to great creative and decorate your flowers; have fun!
  5. Once you have completed decorating your flowers, add one piece of green piping to the back of each flower and tape to secure.
  6. Final touches. Either arrange the photo bouquet into a nice vase (you can decorate that yourself as well) or neatly tie them together with a bow. Cut the green pipe to your desired length.
Hand Painted Mother’s Day Vase. This is the perfect craft to pair with your flower bouquet or a great gift by itself; there is so much mom could use it for and is something she will love forever!

What you will need:

Empty glass jar, glass or vase

Enamel paint, colors or your choice, rhinestones, glitter and anything else you would like to add to decorate

Paint brushes and glue gun (if you are adding any rhinestones)

How to create:

  1. Make sure the glass is clean, all stickers are removed and it is ready for paint.
  2. Read all the instructions with the enamel paint for proper usage. Set out paint and all craft decorations.
  3. Start decorating - design flowers or hearts, use your hands for handprints, just be creative.
  4. Final step. Let the paint dry according to the directions. You might have to bake the glass to set the paint.
Decorative Flower Pot. For moms who love gardening, this will be a great addition to their garden and for mothers who don't, this will be the perfect addition to any yard.

What you need:

Flower pot

Enamel paint, colors or your choice, rhinestones, glitter  and anything else you would like to use to decorate

Paint brushes and glue gun (if you are adding any rhinestones)

How to create:

  1. Paint the flower pot and let dry. 
  2. Add any further decoration to complete.

If you do not want to give your mother an empty flower pot make it a candy flower pot. Put green Styrofoam on the bottom of the pot and make a flower arrangement out of your mother’s favorite lollipops. Cover the green Styrofoam with candy of your choice – you can use smashed up chocolate cookies to look like dirt and candy worms for fun.

Shea Apartment Communities would like to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you have a wonderful day with your families and get spoiled this Sunday!

What are you you giving your mother for Mother's Day?