Ten Tips to Make Moving Less Miserable

Posted By Harper Dao on 12/30/16 11:35 AM

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We know, we know. The process of moving home is a humungous PITA. That’s why we’ve come up with ten handy tips that will prevent your blood pressure from bubbling up to dangerous heights during the big switch.

1. Go Label-Crazy

Label absolutely everything so that you know what’s in each box. Color co-ordination is also extremely helpful here: green for bedrooms, blue for bathrooms etc. 

2. List, List, List 

Write everything down, and make a list of contents for each and every box. Numbering boxes can also help.

3. Pack An Overnight Bag

It’s all over. The hard work is done. You arrive in your new apartment… and it turns out that what you need for the evening is buried away in a pile of boxes. Packing an overnight bag will stop you from screaming out loud on arrival.

4. Be Ready

This isn’t a patronising piece of advice – it’s a genuine recommendation. Be ready weeks, or even months, in advance for your move. It’ll save you so much hassle on the day. The date may feel like a lifetime away, but go ahead and start packing stuff now anyway. You’ll be thankful later.

 5. Stack Plates Vertically

Like you would with vinyl records. This will help to stop them from smashing in the move.

 6. Vacuum Packs

Stop squashing - it’s not going to fit. Buy vacuum seal packs and save yourself the pain of last-minute stuff-down packing.

 7. Papers To Hand 

Keep all your essential documents – the ones that prove you are in fact who you say you are – with you at all times.

8. Tell The Right People

Your boss, your bank, your dentist, your doctor. Make sure you let all the right people know that you’re moving to pastures new. 

9. Pets 

The mayhem of moving day is enough to confuse and agitate even the most docile pet. Arrange for them to stay somewhere.

10. Don’t Use Garbage Bags For Moving Clothes

It’ll all end in tears when you throw out your favorite sweater…