How to Get Along With Your New Co-Workers

Posted By Nicole Miller on 4/17/15 3:30 PM


Most likely the one place you spend more of your time than your zen-den-apartment is your place of employment. Eeeek, spreadsheets. Whether you work at a tech-startup, an office, a restaurant or Forever 21, there's a good chance you're surrounded by people, people with whom you have to interact. 

You're probably much better at life than most of the people you work with, and for real, a lot of these folks just get under your skin. I know, I once had a co-worker who would constantly chewed on carrots because she was "trying to lose weight for her wedding." It would be dead silent in the office, a rare moment of zen, and then all of a sudden, CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP. Why carrots? Are you marrying the Easter Bunny?  

No matter who these people are, there are ways you can deal with them and keep your sanity at work. Not only will this keep you relaxed and stress-free (hence looking young), but you'll probably excel at work, get a raise, and be able to buy designer furniture before your colleagues. 

Pro Tip One: Talk to your coworkers about their kids
When people think you are interested in their lives, they are far less likely to throw you under the bus. Chat with your coworkers about their kids, and take mental notes. Did little Austin just get accepted to a prestiguous high school? AMAZING, Google that school and spout out facts showing you also agree that it's the best school in all of the Bay Area.  Remember, your coworker's kids are the ticket to workplace harmony. 

Pro Tip Two: Don't disparage others
People who make fun of others are unhappy with themselves. I'm not talking about casual guy-talk or the occasional "whoa, look at that outfit," I'm talking about when coworkers gossip about each other. It's easy to get sucked into and much harder to undo the damage it can cause. Stay clear at all costs. If you find yourself in a position where others are gossiping, don't talk. Just sit there and push your hair back with your hand in a glamourous fashion and say things like "I dunno, hey have you guys been to [insert trendy new restaurant name here]?" Look at you! You're a shining beacon of office drama hope! 

Pro Tip Three: Smile and laugh all the time
Despite how annoyed you are with your S.O., the fact that your boss is all over you, or that Core Power Yoga cancelled your 5 p.m. class, you still need to be happy at work. If you can consistently have a positive attitude, smile and be polite to everyone, you will stand out more so than the "overachiever," I swear!

Pro Tip Four: Manage your social media
Do I add these people on Facebook? Make my IG private? Snapchat them? I'm going to If you have a Facebook profile, and a job, there's absolutely no reason why any of your posts should be "public." Definitely do not add any of your coworkers. It's not what grown ups do and you're a grown up now. If your coworkers add you, hit that "not now" button and if it ever comes up just say "oh I don't really use Facebook." Be mindful of what you share, if you're posting pictures of you at cool places or doing cool things, just remember that this is called "humble-bragging" and it pretty much means you're insecure.  For examples of what a real Instagram account should be about, follow @MarissaWebb -- look at that, Fashion, Dogs and Quotes, all from the Creative Director of Banana Republic!

Holding down a job is hard enough, don't complicate things by showing a lack of interpersonal skills that will only stress you out. Take note of these pro tips and get back to what's really important, laying out at the pool sipping iced tea. 

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