Dog-Friendly South Denver

Posted By Nicole Miller on 2/2/16 12:19 PM


There is nothing like my dog greeting me at the apartment door after a long day. His tail wags, and his happy kisses are unconditional love at its finest. As I spend my free time out and around South Denver, I find myself wanting to share an afternoon excursion with my four-legged friend. One of the best ways to have some bonding time after spending hours apart is taking him out for a fun afternoon together.

Here are my favorite places around Vela Meridian Apartments that are happy to welcome dogs in their establishments. 

1. Parker

Parker has restaurants, a dog park and even a place to pamper my dog after a long afternoon out together. Sometimes we stop in at FuNuGyz Sports Grill; the pub always welcomes us both in the outside seating area. Or, when I want to switch it up, I sit down at Elev. 5900 Kitchen and Bar. The food here is something fresh and different, and dogs are welcome on the patio. Once our meal is over, we will sometimes stop in at the Bayou Gulch Dog Park. We get some sun, play, and socializing in, which my dog loves. When I really want to spoil my dog, I take him to Essential Pet for a dog Reiki session.

2. Lone Tree

In the Lone Tree area, we love stopping in for a special treat at PetSmart. This friendly chain of pet stores is well known for its welcoming policy on bringing leashed dogs in for some shopping. Sometimes we try out squeak toys or a pet bed, or grab one of my dog's favorite treats before we step out and enjoy a walk together. The store has some great additional services to check out. Many people sign up their pooch for doggy training classes or schedule a grooming with the in-house groomers. 

3. Englewood

When it comes to pet-friendly places, Englewood has many great options. From dining to dog parks, we always find something to do here together. When I am looking for a place to quench my thirst, I check out The Brew on Broadway; it is both a craft brewery and a coffee house, with dog-friendly outdoor seating. One of the best things about this stop is that my dog receives both water and treats.

Sometimes we choose to stop at Chipotle, and enjoy the outdoor seating and a burrito bowl. Then, we usually try out the many dog parks for some doggy exercise. We can choose from Centennial Park, Duncan Park, Englewood Canine Corral and Belleview Park. Centennial Park and Duncan Park are regular parks that allow off-leashing and do not have a designated fenced-in area. Then, we stop at the Petco in town for some dog-friendly shopping. It is the perfect stop for a treat before we make our way back to Vela Meridian.

4. Highlands Ranch

When I take my dog with me into Highlands Ranch, we always find a decent fish taco and a dog park for us to enjoy together. The dog parks here are clean, welcoming and varied. Depending on our interests for the day, we might visit Digger's Dog Park at Dad Clark Park, Rover's Run Dog Park or Highland Heritage Regional Park. With so many options, sometimes we try out each one and return to our favorites again and again. Afterward, my four-pawed buddy and I usually jet on over to Wahoo's Fish Tacos and sit together in the outdoor seating.

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