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5 Tips for Successful Living With Neighbors

Posted on 4/11/16 3:59 PM

Most people who enjoy apartment living understand that a beautiful space and amenities also come with a community of neighbors. While you may make great friends through chance meetings in the halls, elevators, or other common areas of your apartment building, it doesn't mean that you'll become friends with everyone living there. Here are five ways to work with your neighbors to make living together a good experience.

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Living The OC Life

Posted on 3/31/16 2:55 PM

The luxurious living that Orange County has to offer is not a secret. From the hit TV shows, to the plethora of Hollywood productions shot on its beautiful soil, the OC’s regular appearance in mainstream media has made audiences all over the world long to be a part of its culture. What’s regularly portrayed on screen isn’t all smoke and mirrors either. The OC is an iconic area of California that is just as beautiful and elegant as the cameras would have you believe.

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Dog-Friendly South Denver

Posted on 2/2/16 12:19 PM

There is nothing like my dog greeting me at the apartment door after a long day. His tail wags, and his happy kisses are unconditional love at its finest. As I spend my free time out and around South Denver, I find myself wanting to share an afternoon excursion with my four-legged friend. One of the best ways to have some bonding time after spending hours apart is taking him out for a fun afternoon together.

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Denver Grub

Posted on 12/4/15 12:16 PM

 Denver is a city that’s renowned for dishing up some good grub. The only problem is that it’s one heck of a big place – so where on earth do you even begin looking for the kind of eateries that’ll get your taste-buds tingling?

Listed here are some of our favorite restaurants in Denver and the immediate surrounding area.

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Brunch in the OC

Posted on 5/8/15 2:49 PM

Still haven’t made your Mother’s Day reservations but want to spoil your Mom in style? Well if you’re like me, the un-planner, then you are most-likely scurrying around, looking for fabulous OC brunch locations. In an effort to help in your last minute search, below are a few of my favorite spots that happen to have Mother’s Day brunch menus to die for.  

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How to Get Along With Your New Co-Workers

Posted on 4/17/15 3:30 PM

Most likely the one place you spend more of your time than your zen-den-apartment is your place of employment. Eeeek, spreadsheets. Whether you work at a tech-startup, an office, a restaurant or Forever 21, there's a good chance you're surrounded by people, people with whom you have to interact. 

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