First Apartment? X Apps to Manage Your New Pad on the Go

Posted By Brody Geffen on 3/22/17 4:12 PM

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Moving out of your dorm room or (ahem) your parents’ basement is a major milestone. Assuming you’ve managed to tackle the ins and outs of laundry and basic meal preparation, it look like you’re ready to level up and really get this adulting thing underway.

To help you not to make a mess of your new place and expanding responsibilities, it’s time to do what any self-respecting twenty-something does to solve problems.

Download an app to take care of it.

In all seriousness, your smartphone is all you need to stay organized and on top of being an official head of household. Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Luckily, there’s an app for that. Check them out:

1. The Nest Thermostat App

The programmable Nest thermostat lets you turn down the heat when you’re not at home to save on your energy bills and give the environment a helping hand. With the app, you can check temps and control the heat or A/C from your phone, so you never have to enter a chilly or overheated house again. This one’s an award-winner that even lets you monitor a web cam and carbon monoxide detector from your phone.

iTunes Nest Thermostat App

Android Nest Thermostat App

2. The Phillips Hue App

First things first: If your apartment comes with old-fashioned incandescent bulbs or ugly CFLs, replace them immediately. They use too much electricity and don’t let you play with your new favorite app. Pick up some Phillips Hue LEDs instead, and you can get connected to control your lights from your car. Scary movie? Turn on the lights downstairs before you get out of bed. House party time? Adjust the brightness and even the color to set the mood.

iTunes Phillips Hue App

Android Phillips Hue App

3. The AnyList App

Ever spent an evening trying to throw together a meal from the butt ends of bread, Cheerio dust and pickles? You need AnyList to get your grocery list under control. If you have roomies, it’s ideal: Log in to shared grocery lists to update what you need, even as someone pulls the cart up to the checkout line. You can also sort things into staples and specialty items to stay on budget (or under your daily calorie count).

iTunes AnyList App

Android AnyList App

4. The Prism Bills and Personal Finance App

If you’re new at the whole independent living thing, you might be wondering how to keep track of it all — especially that new rent payment. Prism Bills lets you set up an online payment schedule for all of your major obligations (think credit cards, electricity and student loans). It also allows you to track your paychecks and balances so you know how much cash you have on hand at any given moment.

iTunes Prism Bills and Personal Finance App

Android Prism Bills and Personal Finance App

5. The White Noise App

Apartment living often means rubbing elbows with noisy roommates and even louder neighbors. If the walls of your new place are paper thin, White Noise can help you tune out the distractions and focus on catching some Zs. Whether your neighbors are going at it like rabbits or you can’t stand your roomie’s shower singing, White Noise has you covered with a variety of soothing sounds.

iTunes White Noise App

Android White Noise App

Once you’ve got these apps locked and loaded on to your phone, you’re ready to run your new apartment like a boss. Before you know it, people might even start calling you “sir” or “ma’am.” Soak it in — you’ve got this whole adulting thing covered.


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