Putting Leftover Wrapping Paper to Use

Posted By Shea Apartment Living on 12/29/14 11:24 AM


Christmas is over - and you've got an excess of festive wrapping paper lying around your apartment. Rather than throwing it out or letting it pile up in your drawer, here are some fun suggestions for putting it to better use.

Line Your Drawers

Lining the drawers is probably one of those things that your parents did for you, but now that you live in your own apartment, you've never thought to do yourself. This is your chance to be a grownup - use your leftover Christmas paper to line them!

Shred it Up

Maybe you've been given a nice set of dinner plates as a combined Christmas and housewarming present? Keep them, or any other fragile item that you plan to store in a box safe by covering it with shredded paper. If you've got leftover Christmas wrapping paper, it's highly unlikely that you'll be using it again during the year - so it's perfect to use as a box stuffer. Waste not, want not!

Frame It

Did someone give you a gift with rather striking wrapping paper this year? Assuming you didn't tear it to pieces or scrunch it up, cut a square of it out and place in a photo frame. When Christmas rolls around next year, you'll have a quirky piece of festive art to display.

Save the Scraps for Next Year

There will be countless opportunities to use your leftover Christmas wrapping paper next year - no matter how small a piece it is. For example, cut out thick strips of paper and attach to create a loop - you've just made festive napkin rings! Alternatively, you can use festive paper to decorate old vases or candle holders and give them that festive feeling. Or, make your own personalized Christmas cards next year using this year's scraps - your cards will be beautiful and 100 per cent unique!