Keep Up With The New Year’s New Trends In Apartment Decor

Posted By Heather Rusick on 1/8/15 2:55 PM


Tired of off-whites? Bored of stripped-back minimalism?

When it comes to apartment decor, 2015 is the year of balance and harmony. Blending space and light with the cozy comforts of home, modern style with depth and texture.

No idea where to start? No problem. We’ll show you how it’s done, with minimal DIY skills required.

1. Clutter Editing

Somewhere between an apartment bare of any personal belongings and a space crammed full of tasteless knick-knacks, lays a happy balance of a lived-in home. This balance is achieved through clutter editing. Gather your stuff in one room and begin to sort the wheat from the chaff. Display only the items that bring you joy when you look at them. And if you have too many loved and lovely accessories to tidily display at the same time, use a rotating system to switch items in and out of storage.

2. Incorporate Darker Colors

A fresh coat of white paint may leave your apartment feeling bright and breezy, but it may also seem sterile and clinical. In 2015 home decor will be going big for darker colors. Think navy blue, hunter green and rich reds. In an apartment pick a dark color scheme, and then use it sparingly, as a contrast to a broadly neutral backdrop. Just one wall in a rich, dark color can have a dramatic effect.

3. Mix N Match

Remember in the 1990s when the height of home decor sophistication was matching curtains, carpets, cushions and duvet cover. The days of uniformity are long behind us. Now's the time to mix and match! And not just colors and patterns. Style it up with designs from different eras, layers of different textures, even throw in a little industrial chic.

There you have it. Three top tips to give your apartment a fresh new look for 2015. For more 2015 apartment décor inspiration visit Pinterest.