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First Apartment? X Apps to Manage Your New Pad on the Go

Posted on 3/22/17 4:12 PM

Moving out of your dorm room or (ahem) your parents’ basement is a major milestone. Assuming you’ve managed to tackle the ins and outs of laundry and basic meal preparation, it look like you’re ready to level up and really get this adulting thing underway.

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5 Annoying Things That Roommates Do

Posted on 1/28/16 2:57 PM

Let's face it; roommates are a fact of life. Ideally, they help you pay the rent, keep the electricity flowing and tidy up before your mom visits, but no one is perfect. All of us have suffered in silence at the lazy or uncongenial attitude of a roommate, particularly when he's happily engaged in the following activities.

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The Triangle is a Friday Night Out in OC

Posted on 4/10/15 8:22 AM

Long-time Orange County afficianados will remember Triangle Square in Costa Mesa as the spot with the NikeTown and Virgin Megastore. Ahead of its time, the destination has recently been reimagined, reimaged and significantly enhanced. The Triangle, as it's now known is currently the go-to spot for a night out. Here's why:

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