How To Be THE Neighbor At Your Apartment Gym, Not THAT Neighbor

Posted By Shea Apartment Living on 1/16/15 10:38 AM



The etiquette rules that apply when using your apartment gym are pretty much the same as if you were going to 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, etc. It’s just a whole lot more important that you actually follow them.

When you go to a membership gym and you forget to mind your manners, hog a machine, or sweat over the equipment, you’re likely to make at least one gym enemy. But that’s just someone at your gym, you can walk away from that. And if you really stink up your reputation at your membership gym you can switch to another one.

Stinking up your reputation at your apartment gym will cause you a whole lot more trouble. If you want to remain ‘THE neighbor that uses the gym’ and avoid becoming ‘‘THAT neighbor that abuses the gym’ stick to these essential gym etiquette rules.

Keep the noise down

No grunting, loud cell phone conversations and certainly no cheap headphones leaking music for all to hear.

Start clean

Don’t start stinky and musty from last night’s sleep, wearing yesterday’s gym clothes. You may be in your apartment gym but you are not in your apartment, so a minimum standard of personal cleanliness is required.

Don’t hog the equipment

Most gyms have a policy poster on the wall, or guidance times on each piece of equipment. Play nicely with your neighbors by sharing the toys fairly. A good rule of thumb is 20 minutes on each machine; you can always circle back later.

Keep your distance

Being mindful of personal space is especially important when using your apartment gym. Nobody wants to share a building with a creepy dude who stands too close.

Clean up after yourself

There’s no maid. Wipe down the equipment after you’ve used it and leave the gym at least as clean as it was when you arrived.

If you can obey these simple rules you can enjoy the many benefits of your apartment gym without becoming ‘that neighbor’.

Let us know what your apartment gym pet peeves are in the comment section below.