Fun Holiday Decorating Tips for Those on a Budget

Posted By Heather Rusick on 12/17/14 5:00 AM

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One of the nicest things about celebrating the festive season in your apartment is that you have the license to decorate it exactly the way you want to. But how can you achieve that festive feeling while staying on a budget? Here are some tips on holiday decorating ideas that won't break the bank.

Hit the Thrift Stores

If you're new to the thrift store experience, prepare to be surprised - as they say, one decorator's trash is another decorator's treasure. Thrift stores are like goldmines, and at this time of year, you won't have to hunt very far to find the Christmas items. Plus, aside from paying next to nothing for your new decorations, you've also got the opportunity to discover unique and retro-looking items that will be sure to encourage compliments from guests in your newly decorated apartment.

DIYS (Do It Yourself, Socially)

If you're on a budget, decorating your apartment for Christmas is a great opportunity to get creative. So invite a few friends over, pour some wine and put on your favorite Christmas music - and start decorating!

  • Spray pinecones, fallen branches and other miscellaneous items with gold or silver paint to create simple but classy looking ornaments for your tree
  • Remember making paper chains in school? These never go out of fashion, so grab a few different sheets of wrapping paper and get cutting and stapling!
  • Cut up old festive tablecloths or sheets to create Christmas cushion covers. Finish with a ribbon bow to make your cushions look like wrapped gifts

Don't Forget the Sales

After the holiday season is over, it can be tempting to sit at home with your roommate, eat leftovers and watch Christmas movies. But the few days after Christmas is the best time to buy next year's decorations - everything's on sale! Trust us - you'll thank yourself next year when you have a plethora of beautiful festive decorations.

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