Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas

Posted By Heather Rusick on 12/15/14 9:21 AM

Whether you're on a budget, or you're just after something a little less traditional, there are plenty of alternatives to a regular old Christmas tree that will help give your apartment that festive feeling as soon as you walk in the door. Check out our list of DIY ideas for some inspiration these holidays.

A Book Tree

book tree 1
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If you're a bit of a bookworm, this quirky idea could match the style of your apartment perfectly - and it costs nothing! Take a stack of books - preferably hard covers - and simply stack the books like a pyramid. Then, drape a string of fairy lights around the layers and voila, you have a Christmas tree.

A 2D Tree


If your apartment is short for space, a 2D Christmas tree could be ideal. All you need to do is get colored card stock, wrapping paper, branches or lights to make your tree-shaped creation and attach to your wall. The possibilities for decorating your DIY tree are limitless.

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A Cork Tree

wine cork tree

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Do you host a lot of dinner parties in your apartment? Start collecting the corks from your wine bottles, then at Christmas time stack them all in a tree-shaped pile, using glue to secure them in place. You'll then be able to simply fasten your ornaments to your DIY tree with pins.

A Real Dead Tree

alternative christmas trees branch tree

A live tree can create much unnecessary mess in your apartment - so rather than buying a fake tree, why not create your own? If you live near a forest or park, search the ground for a few fallen branches with nice stems.

Clean them up a bit by brushing off any dirt or dead leaves, then tie together and spray paint them either gold or silver. Wait until the whole thing dries, then use a tall vase to help it stand up, and start decorating!

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