Ditch the Cable and Start Streaming

Posted By Heather Rusick on 12/4/14 3:11 PM

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Undoubtedly, we're in one of the best eras for television right now - and it's actually getting to the point where it's hard to keep up to date with everything new that's coming out! When moving into any new apartment, it's important to consider how you'll be watching television and get your system sorted. But rather than sign up for a traditional cable subscription which is both pricey and becoming outdated, why not ditch the cable completely, invest in a decent internet provider and jump on the streaming bandwagon?

Why Switch to Streaming?

The new way of viewing television - streaming - has possibly become so popular because of its affordability. Much cheaper than subscribing to cable, streaming sites such as Netflix offer monthly rates of just $7.99 - and they even offer a free month's trial. But another one of the greatest things about streaming is that you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. You won't have to sit through commercial breaks and you won't have to sit through one show just to wait for the one you actually want to watch; you can watch it all right from your computer on demand.

A Different Way of Viewing

Online streaming has also changed the way we watch television. Many new series are now being produced exclusively for streaming services and are released in bulk. For example, NetFlix has begun to release many new series such as Orange is the New Black and The House of Cards. And rather than watch one episode a week, the whole series is released at once, so you can now enjoy marathons of your favorite series at your convenience. Additionally, when using streaming services, the loading time is fast and the viewing is smooth, meaning that unless your internet provider is acting up, you'll probably experience fewer interruptions than you would from your cable provider.

Don't Throw Away Your TV Yet

The switch to streaming from cable does not make your television set irrelevant...unless it's from the dinosaur age. Connect your TV in two easy ways:

  1. Connect to your laptop or smart device to your TV to give you a bigger screen
  2. Purchase a streaming player: Roku or Amazon Fire TV   

If you have some extra cash, you can even buy a Smart TV and all your streaming needs are built right in.

Viola…you'll be able to watch your streamed shows on your TV, just like you did when you had cable. Except you'll have many more options - and you'll be paying considerably less.

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