How To Not Burn Down Your Apartment This Thanksgiving

Posted By Drew McGray on 11/26/14 10:11 AM

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Thanksgiving is here and our number one concern, after ensuring that there's plenty of pumpkin pie to go around, is your safety. We did some research and discovered that there are some no-brainer tips that could ensure you and your family enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner, instead of a trip to the ER.

Get a kitchen fire extinguisher​ - This is probably the best $20 you can spend on Amazon. If a grease fire breaks out, attempting to extinguish it with water can actually make the situation worse, much worse. A fire extinguisher is your best option, followed by suffocating the fire.

Don't fry your turkey - Although it sounds delicious, this video offers all the proof you need to convince you to cook your turkey in an oven.

Don't overload the lights on your tree - Dry Christmas tree + short circuit spark = danger.

We wish you all the best this Thanksgiving and hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. 

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