Apps to Help Manage Your Adult Life

Posted By Heather Rusick on 11/20/14 9:53 AM

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When smartphones first began hitting the stores, many of us became a bit too excited when it came to downloading apps. With loads of games, silly gimmicks and more made available to us for free, many of us had pages and pages of apps on our smartphones, taking up all of our storage and using up all of our battery life. But now that the excitement has died down, there is still plenty of room in our lives for apps - but ones that actually aim to improve our lives. Recently moved out of home to start your new life as an adult? There's an app for that... in fact, there are a few!

GroceryPal - Free

Especially if you're shopping while hungry, the supermarket is the easiest way to run through your hard-earned money. But GroceryPal lets you make a list of everything you actually need and for the best price. Syncing up with local supermarkets in your area, it'll also look at your list and tell you where the best deals can be found. It will even sort the items into aisles, so you'll know exactly where to find everything!

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TripIt - Free

For those who travel often, Tripit will be your bible. Whenever you book a trip - whether it be on a plane, bus or train - simply wait for the auto-response email from the vendor to confirm your trip. Then, you forward this to and it will cleverly turn it into an itinerary, along with all of your other plans. So for example, if you're catching a bus to get to the airport to catch a plane, then need to get a train from there, etc., TripIt lets you keep all of this information in one handy app.

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Check - Free

Working in a similar way to Tripit, Check will keep track of all and any bills that you're responsible for, all in one place. And the best thing is that it will set up reminders, so you'll never be late for a bill again.

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LastPass - Free

This could possibly be one of the most helpful apps we've come across. We think everyone's complained about having too many usernames and passwords these days - so LastPass allows you to keep track of all them. Storing your data offline, you'll be able to keep all account details for anything and everything all in one handy place - your phone. Of course, the app is highly secure and in the event that your phone is stolen, there's certainly no risk of the thief finding all your details. So if you're sick of trying to remember all your details for various accounts, definitely check out this handy little app.

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