Five Tech-Gadget Must-Haves for the Modern Apartment

Posted By Heather Rusick on 10/10/14 2:25 PM

Kitchen Safe

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Control your cravings with this handy-dandy Kitchen Safe. The Kitchen Safe is a time-locked container that can only be opened during pre-set times with no overrides – limit munchies, lock up video game and TV controllers, even stow cards and cash to prevent spending! 


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Keys are the things of the past with Lockitron. The first easy-to-install app-connected home solution that turns almost any common deadbolt into a smart keyless entry system. Instantly unlock your door for friends and neighbors, track when your children are home and even know when there is a knock at your door. Best part is that Lockitron is portable and landlord friendly.  

Butter Up

Hard-fridge butter is no match for toast these days with Butter Up. This amazingly-awesome knife takes hard butter head on and wins by revamping the breakfast knife with a little grader combo, that transforms any solid brick of butter into a spreadable delicious treat. 


Take your apartment security to the next level with iSmartAlarm, an intelligent home security system with motion sensors, infrared cameras and contact sensors, which can be all managed through a real-time app on your smartphone. The bonus is there are no monthly fees or contracts! You can secure your apartment for a onetime cost of $199. 


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Lose weight, stay hydrated and regulate sugar and caffeine through the Vessyl, a smart cup that automatically knows and tracks everything you drink. Don’t believe us?! Check Vessyl out for yourself.Not only is the Vessyl one of the smartest cups we have ever met but it also has a great app that updates you with real-time info – awesome! 

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