Simple Yet Effective Apartment Decorating Tips

Posted By Heather Rusick on 5/23/14 8:19 AM

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There are many pros and cons to apartment living. While the cost may be considerably lower than a mortgage, the dilemma of finding creative ways to apply your own sense of style to the décor can be exhausting. This can be especially true for those living in smaller apartments; add to that, the challenge of decorating in a way that doesn't violate lease rules and regulations can be overwhelming. This attitude is reflected in the words of the Huffington Post,

"It can be a bit trickier for renters to create a space that is truly their own while still ensuring the security deposit is waiting for them when they do leave."

Still, with a few simple ideas (and creativity) you can pimp your apartment to reflect your own personal style, that are not only easy but budget friendly!


Your furniture is for comfort, yes, but most importantly your furniture defines your apartment’s sense of style - so make sure it rocks! It is the focal point of each room and is the foundation cornerstone of all your other decorating ideas. Therefore, when you buy furniture, you should consider it an investment in your personality and sense of style. Focus on colors and shapes that you can use other decorative accents to bring harmony to a room. The entryway, living room, and dining room are key areas of the apartment where the furniture will need to be big and bold enough to demand attention.

Make Good Use of Art

If you want your apartment to make a statement about who you are, do not settle for dime store posters.  Upgrade your style and find artistic pieces that you truly love, invest in a few original works-of-art to accent your home. Art is about personal taste, so you can't go wrong if you're looking to express your own sense of style with artistic inspiration. The key to choosing the right pieces will depend largely on what kind of art you like and where you plan to showcase it in your home. On a budget? No problem! You can buy affordable, one-of-a kind pieces, direct from up and coming artists on Zatista or if your pockets are really running low check out Tiny Showcase for some great pieces.   

Be Bold With Color

Do not be afraid to splurge with a little on color. The days of the eggshell white and neutral tones are gone. If you have the luxury of painting your walls at your apartment, use bright and bold colors on the main walls and reduce the trim down to a neutral color. The neutral trim will create a cohesive look and feel that will run throughout your apartment, while allowing each individual space to rock its own style with color. According to Divine Caroline, your color choices should reflect your personality,

"Deciding how to decorate your apartment really begins with one step: picking the right color scheme.... Start with the basics and check out the color wheel. Everything you need to know about color schemes is in that circular rainbow."

Decorating a new apartment is an exciting time, but does means that you'll have to make adult choices and spend a little dough. If you don't like those plain blinds that came with the apartment then it’s time to make some changes. While most landlords won't allow you to remove them, you can cover them up with some fab window treatments that will make them disappear (well kind of)!

If you are one of those who are not sure what their sense of style truly is, don't fret. It's pretty easy to find out; simply start window shopping and picking out the things that draw your attention. It won't be long before your personal sense of style will begin to emerge and the real you will begin to show.


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