Ten Awesome Apartment Space Saver Items You Don’t Have…But Need!

Posted By Heather Rusick on 3/10/14 8:45 AM

Sliding Glass Jewelry Box

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Use this two in one (mirror / jewelry box) to look at your beautiful mug and stay organized. This crafty jewelry box poses as a mirror but slides open to reveal the perfect space for all your jewelry organization.

The Balcony Railing Mounted BBQ 

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This little beauty may look like a flower pot, but it can cook up one mean steak. Space limitations are no longer a concern for grill master extrodiares with the balcony railing mounted BBQ

All-In-One Kitchen Tool

Nine In One Handy Kitchen Multitool resized 600

Save space with the All-In-One Kitchen Tool. The multi-tool kitchen set includes: a flower vase, funnel, lemon juicer, spice grater, boiled egg dicer, cheese grater, lid opener, egg separator and a 1 ¼ measuring cup – now that’s a lot packed into one tiny bottle!

Motorized Neck Tie

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Designed for the organized business man. Get the motorize neck tie for a low $49.99. 

BLESS’s Workbed Desk

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A desk by day, and a bed by night – what else could you ask for?

Space Saving Spice Rack

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Hang it on your wall or cabinet door – not matter where you hang it, your spices will be out of the way. 

The Hook-On Balcony… Well, Anything.

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Drinks, dinner or work outside will make your little apartment patio feel like an outside oasis. 

Fold-Out Convertible Desk

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The fold-out convertible desk hangs on the wall and folds down to a desk, and also gives you extra storage space. 

Pull-Out Ironing Board

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Creative and crafty. To get one of these handy-dandy ironing boards in your apartments, inquire here

Slide-Out Kitchen Organizer

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Turn your utensils into a slide-out work of art! 

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