Avoid Thanksgiving Pinterest Fails

Posted By Drew McGray on 11/21/13 8:29 AM

Yikes -- Thanksgiving is fast-approaching! Perhaps you've been invited to celebrate with friends and family or you're hosting an epic feast in your swanky apartment. Either way, chances are you'll want to show off your culinary prowess and that means "Pinterest!"

Thanksgiving is a hot topic on Pinterest right about now, but with so many oh-la-la ideas, we want to encourage you to approach your project with caution to avoid an epic Pinterest Fail.

Just because it's on Pinterest doesn't mean it's going to be:

  1. Easy breezy to bake
  2. Beautiful
  3. Fool-proof

Check out these Pinterest Fails and make sure anything you attempt comes with a step-by-step YouTube video tutorial. 

Expectation: Pumpkin Roll With Cream Cheese Frosting

pumpkin roll,ightened up

Reality: Heinous Pumpkin Blob

pumpkin roll fail

Culprit: This badboy was wayyyyy overcooked and dried out, also the frosting goes on the inside?

ProTip: Be sure your oven temperature is accurate, use a digital thermometer for any projects requiring elite baking skills. 

Expectation: Apple Pies Baked in Apples


Reality: Apple Blobs

apple pie baked in apple fail

Culprit: We asked around and apparently, there's no way this recipe will work. The convection required to cook a pastry crust will heat the apple to a blob-like state. Apparently, this is a Pinterest Lie. (Thanks Internet!)

ProTip: Do not attempt. 



Expectation: Veggie Turkey Tray

describe the image

Reality: Aesthetically-Challenged Quasi-Turkey


turkey veggie

Culprit: You need a good paring knife and about, oh 9 hours of time to really get the detail you need. Also there is tons of layering involved, and I'm not sure about you, but even the Pinterest "money shot" is pretty awful. 

ProTip: Call Whole Foods, order a veggie tray. Looks good huh?

 248 3 600 grilledveg 



Expectation: Too-Cute Turkey Cookies


Reality: Sad Face Chicken Cookie


Culprit: Obviously, swapping M&M's for candy corn was a fail. But the most obvious? Let the cookies cool before you decorate them. No-brainer. 

ProTip: Save candy corns from Halloween, go to Yoga class while cookies cool. 

Smiley face 

So remember, always view Pins with a skeptical eye.  Some things on Pinterest are simply not worth the destruction to your inner chi.  If you're going to do a lot of baking this season, invest in a digital thermometer. Test all your apartment appliances and submit a service request online if we can make any fixes for you. And if all else fails, order Whole Foods catering online

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