Winterizing Your Apartment

Posted By Heather Rusick on 11/14/13 5:00 AM

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Winter is in full swing (in most parts of the US) and it’s important to make sure your apartment is prepped and ready for the cold months ahead. To make sure you don’t freeze this winter, follow our checklist to winterize your apartment.

HVAC Check. First and most importantly, test your heating system to make sure it is working properly before the temperature drops to unbearable temperatures. Note: when turning on your heater for the first time after the summer, you may encounter a burnt scent, do not be alarmed, this is normal and will dissipate once your heater gets going.

Keep the Heater Running. When winter is in full swing in your neck of the woods keep your heater running. By keeping your heater set between 60-75 degrees will help prevent your HVAC from overworking and a possible shut down. Our recommendation is to maintain 66 degrees during the winter months. 

Keep your Pipes from Freezing. To prevent your pipes from freezing during extremely cold temperatures, keep your apartment faucets running at a slow drip.

Preparing for winter is important; you do not want to run into a faulty heater and have to double up the blankets until maintenance arrives.  If your apartment needs work completed before the next storm hits, submit your service request online 24/7. Our friendly maintenance teams will work to resolve any routine service request within 48 hours. Learn more about our service request guarantee