DVDs Are Out – Here’s What’s Next…

Posted By Heather Rusick on 9/30/13 11:00 AM

chromecast vs apple tv

If you’re anything like us, you want your apartment teched-out so you can rest and relax in style. (Which is easy to do in a Shea Apartment Living home).  With “streaming”starting to replace DVDs in droves, here’s our guide to the hottest streaming devices for your living room. (Or bedroom, or bathroom if you’re totally geek chic).

Apple TV – The go-to for streaming media from your iPod, iPad and iTunes account. This hockey-puck size device costs $99 and is by all means, a fantastic deal. Netflix, HULU Plus, MLB TV and YouTube are all built-in to the iOS-based operating system. In the current model, WiFi
connectivity is very good (previous models were ho-hum) and overall this is a good device.  Available on

Chromecast from Google – Hello awesome! This device takes any media, from your Android-tablet or iPhone / iPad and “casts” it on your TV. (Or any HDMI device for that matter). Chromecast also includes support for Netflix, YouTube and all Google Services. Any page you can view in a browser can be viewed on your TV with Chromecast. Buy it now on Google Play.

ROKU – ROKU is similar to Apple TV, however it’s operating system is geared more to the casual user. Content is organized into channels, i.e. Fox, ABC, etc. For some folks, this is the way to go. ROKU makes a line of devices that range in cost from $49 to $99 depending on functionality.  Score one here.

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