Three Money Saving Décor Ideas for your Apartment Bedroom

Posted By Heather Rusick on 9/25/13 5:00 AM


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Whether you live at City Light Apartments in Aliso Viejo or Monaco Row Apartments in Denver, it’s time spruce up your space with our three budget-friendly bedroom decorating tips:

Defeat clutter and clean up your room. You can’t redecorate until you organize and clean, because adding nice, new things to your room does not camouflage the fact that it is a mess. Pick up your clothes from the floor and put them in your laundry baskets, change your sheets (yes, your sheets), dust the dirt off your furniture and vacuum your room. Just these few simple things will instantly open up your room and give you a clear picture of what you are working with. Who knows, you might actually like having a clean room and be inspired to keep it that way!

Swap your knobs. You don’t need new furniture for a room facelift! Try swapping the handles on your dresser and night stands for an instant upgrade at a tiny cost. Like the look but want to update? Slap a fresh-new color of paint your furniture and whola. Visit for furniture makeovers.

Give your room a little life. Grab a couple of plants and throw them in your room, not only will the plants give your room for a fresh new look but they are awesome at recycling the air in your space.

Now that your room is clean, shiny and looking new, use the money you saved on decorating and go grab a cocktail and relax.

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