Cats Make Great Apartpets

Posted By Heather Rusick on 9/23/13 5:00 AM

cute apartpets

It’s no wonder some consider their feline friend to be the perfect apartment companion. Cats make great roommates, they don’t eat your food and they don’t even need their own bedroom.  Most cats are content to be at home relaxing while you’re at work, napping the day away or basking in the sunshine.

We offer cat-friendly apartments in Orange County, the East Bay, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Denver. Each apartment comes with plenty of ledges for your cat to perch on and keep watch over their neighborhood.

Purchasing a kitten might seem like the way to go, but there are lots of mellow, easygoing cats waiting at animal shelters for a perfect home. Adult cats are actually a great option since they solidify their personality around age three. Shelter staff usually have a great read on their cats and can find a match based on your lifestyle.

The most important factor in selecting an apartment-friendly cat is not its breed but its personality. Look for a cat that is mellow yet sociable to best complement your apartment living experience. 


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