Get The Whole Picture - Visualize Art On Your Wall

Posted By Drew McGray on 8/15/13 4:20 PM

artastic resized 600

We stumbled across a couple of fantastic design apps we had to share. Too often, while out shopping at Z-Gallerie or Crate&Barrel, we come across a piece of art we think would look great at home, only to doesn't. 

Consequently, this means lugging the art back to the shop and having to explain the situation all the while wondering if the store clerk is judging our taste in art. 

The app for iPhone lets you take a picture of your blank canvas, aka art-less wall, and visualize what might look good on that space. You can even pair it with various frames to get a sense of the finished product.  Check out the website for all the details. 

ArtTwo50 takes this notion a step further and lets you actually buy the art from your iPad, directly from the artist.  Each print is priced at, you guessed it, $250. Of course, it's free to browse and interact with the app, which affords tons of art inspiration. 

Download these apps today and elevate your space.