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painting furniture

Living in a small space can be tough, especially when your design options are limited. Let these five ideas inspire you and help guide you to make your new apartments space into the home you dreamed of.

Paint Your Furniture. If you can’t paint your walls, the next best thing is to paint your furniture. Not only does painting your furniture give your apartment a fresh-fun look, the colorful furniture makes just as big as an impact as painting the walls. Don’t want to paint your furniture? Run to the thrift store and pick-up some pieces that match your style. You can feel guilt free about painting your new finds while still adding color to add to your apartment.

Entertain. Take your TV from drab to fab. Today, flat panel TV’s are common in the household, so why not make it a piece of art? Turn your TV to into a focal point in any room by hanging artwork behind it and surrounding the space with storage and/or a great console. This will maximize your apartment space, leaving you with plenty of room to entertain guests.

Transform Your Furniture. A day bed can be a couch by day and a guest bed by night. If you have a one bedroom apartment but want to make it cozy for overnight guests, a daybed is an affordable solution. Plump up the daybed with plenty of great pillows to transform it into a stylish couch and keep baskets filled with linins underneath your end tables for a quick transformation – killing two birds with one stone!

Fill It Up. Need to fill-up large boring walls? Hang a grid of your favorite pictures/prints inside frames with large mats to fill the space. If your apartment walls are white, transform the frame’s mats into a desired color to give your apartment walls a pop.

Accessory Explosion. The smallest decorations can make the biggest splash of color. Perk up your apartments color palate with throw pillows and blankets, rugs, and more. A few little touches can yield big results!

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