Posted By Heather Rusick on 4/12/13 5:09 AM

string chord covers

From iPhones, iPads to TV’s, DVRs and more, everything we use for daily living seems to come with a cord! Don’t let cords run wild in your apartment, turn dull electrical cords into pieces of art - with a little creativity and some string you can make any cord add a pop a color to your apartment décor.

Casey from Vitamin Handmade turned a boring clip lamp from drab to fab by adding neon orange nylon twine around her lamps electrical cord. Kate with Design Sponge took the creativity a little farther by creating a sculptural braided masterpiece. Want step-by-step instructions? Checkout the United Blogs of Benetton, where you can learn how to turn your boring iPhone cord into a colorful creation.

Don’t have time to transform your cords? Cordinated can help… They turn any cord, from iPhone’s to instrument cables into works of art with acrylic and wool yarn.

Show us how you transform your cords!

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