Posted By Heather Rusick on 3/11/13 4:08 AM


So you’ve found your perfect apartment, complete with everything you were looking for, all at a great price. You’re all set to move in and then you learn you need to secure renter’s insurance. Another expense? Another hassle?

It’s true; renters insurance is required by most apartment communities. The good news is that it’s actually beneficial for renters and can really come to the rescue if needed.  Online purchasing makes it easier than ever to get coverage.

Renters insurance covers accidental damage to the physical structure of the apartment building. Things like fire, flood etc. are generally covered under a good renters insurance policy. Because apartment homes generally share walls, floors etc., damage incurred to your home could be expensive to repair, renters insurance to the rescue.

Renters insurance generally costs between $100 to $175 a year, a decent investment in peace-of-mind. You can even insure your personal property, protecting yourself against loss or theft. We encourage you to explore all options available and don’t be afraid to ask questions when comparing coverage.

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