Posted By Heather Rusick on 1/9/13 5:08 AM

beach-chic style

Beach Chic is a prevalent term in coastal California. You’ll hear this term used to describe everything from attire to decorating to cuisine. We have two beach-close communities in Orange County, Seabrook at Bear Brand Apartments in Dana Point and Seaside at Laguna Heights Apartments in Laguna Niguel.

Seemingly fit, we offer our fresh and modern interpretation of the Beach Chic design style, optimized for apartment living. Here’s how you can incorporate hip coastal elements into your space… hold the sand dollars.

Color Scheme – You’ll want to steer clear of any yellows, browns and earthy tones. The best color palate for this look is neutral grays. An ocean-blue inspired accent wall plays well with these undertones. We think “Major Blue” by Sherwin Williams is a good one.

Lucite -- an unexpected material in this design is a hot trend for beach-chic decorating. The clear acrylic material simulates water and allows other pieces to take focus, while adding a spark of flare. Look for Lucite lamps and accessories when designing your beach-chic apartment, it’s a clear winner.

Rustic yet modern linens dress down the look. Again, look for shades of gray and bold textures. Check out Matteo, they’ve pretty much nailed the look.  

Follow these design directions to be well on your way to a casual yet sophisticated look for your apartment. You don’t have to be ocean-close to be inspired by the Pacific, but if you’d like, we have beach-close apartment home options for you!

Check out our Pinterest board, Beach-Chic for all the visuals.

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