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property manager

Whoever said being a property manager was an easy job, must have never tried it!  Being a property manager is a 24/7 hour job, not only making sure the community is properly maintained, but making sure the tenants, employees and owners are taken care of as well. A property manager’s job never ends, and we thought it would be fun to walk you through the life of a property manager.

First job duty of a property manager… routinely check the apartment communities’ grounds to be sure that maintenance is being performed regularly and safety issues are addressed immediately. Geez, imagine how long that must take the community manager at Elan Apartments in San Jose, it has 941 apartments on the property – yikes!

Second… Inspect vacant apartments prior to showing them and confirm that all necessary repairs and improvements have been made. The property manager must also be certain the apartments and buildings are in accordance with local, state and federal building regulations.

Third… Enforce all terms of a tenant agreement.

Fourth… Resolve tenant complaints and issues immediately.

Fifth... Enforce evictions or lease terminations in accordance with the laws and company policies, keeping all records and correspondence. I’m tired and we’re not even done!

The sixth task of a property manager is… negotiating contracts with service providers and making sure they are performing as agreed.

The most detailed task… financials. Making sure all financial transactions are within budget and accounted for, including purchases, rent collection, bank deposits, service bills and payments to service provides; preparing annual budgets too!

Eight. Management of the onsite team and providing leadership, support and direction. Also, ensuring the team is productive while meeting their goals and interacting with the residents professionally.

AND the most important job of property manager is to ensure that residents have a great living experience while living at a Shea Apartment Community. The list doesn’t stop here, there are a lot more daily tasks that a property manager has to do to ensure the success of an apartment community but it would be longer than ten pages, so thought we would just drill the list down to nine.

The next time you see your community manager, give them a high five and let them know how awesome they are because they truly deserve it. AND if you're ready for a career in property management, Shea Apartment Living is currently seeking to fill two positions: one property manager position in Denver Colorado and another Oxnard California.

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