Posted By Heather Rusick on 12/12/12 6:15 AM

apartment christmas tree

Are you letting the fact that you live in an apartment stop you from putting up your Christmas decorations this year? Well if you are, STOP! Grab a tree and decorations because you are pimping out your apartment, Christmas style, with a few simple techniques that will make your home very merry without the clutter.

  • A Christmas Tree, only the most essential holiday decoration is a must in your apartment this year. Before going out to the Christmas tree farm, no matter how excited you are, you must first designate a place in your apartment where the tree will be placed. Rearrange some furniture, hide extra clutter or find a place on a table where you will place your tree, it doesn’t matter where you put it as long as you know the place prior to tree shopping.

Its go time! Now that you have decided the space your tree will live until the end of the holidays, it’s time to go tree shopping – yay! Pick a tree that fits your place just right, whether you pick a tabletop tree, a tall tree, a fat tree, etc.  

Once you get your fabulous Christmas tree home, decorate it like its going out of style! Have fun with the decorations and really let your personality shine through.

  • Now that the most important item is off the list, its time to have fun with the rest of your apartments, mainly the living room. Before deciding on what theme to go with, remove all unnecessary clutter – no one likes clutter so just get rid of it! Next, choose a color palette. Your holiday décor does not have to match your living space but you should keep your holiday colors in the same color palette theme. For example, if you want a red and green theme, great, but don’t add blues; this will cause clutter.

Oh and stay away from little decorations, some people might suggest you put little candy canes or small decorations about your house and I beg to differ. The smaller the item, the more items you put out, the more clutter. Decorate your apartment with big holiday items: candles, decorative pillows, etc.


Your Christmas tree should be the focal point of your holiday décor.

Your holiday décor does not have to look picture perfect, as long as you feel the holiday cheer in your apartment you have succeeded.

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