Posted By Heather Rusick on 11/16/12 5:06 AM

Halloween has past and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Sandwiched between two major holidays, it can be easily overlooked, so in honor of Thanksgiving we are going to take the Nordstrom approach and celebrate this delicious holiday without mentioning the “C” word until the festivities are over!

First line of business, Thanksgiving décor! Just as important as the feast is your tableware, WOW your guests with show-stopping table décor that will complement your delicious bird. To rock your Thanksgiving table’s décor right, it all starts by crafting an amazing centerpiece. All you need are pumpkins, accessories, a glue gun and some creativity and you are on your way to a pimped out table! Here are Shea Apartment Living’s favorite Thanksgiving centerpieces:

thanksgiving centerpieces

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