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halloween 2012

Don’t be fooled: Halloween isn’t just for kids these days. This year more money is expected to be spent on adult costumes than on costumes for children. Kate Middleton and Prince William will remain on top of the list as one of the hottest costumes to wear but it looks like there popularity has dwindled with the likes of Honey Boo Boo and Mama. Other popular costumes that are expected to shine in 2012 include a who’s who of the most infamous celebrities, pop culture phenomenon’s, reality stars, politicians and overnight sensations. released their picks for the most popular costumes of 2012 (drumroll please), here is their list:

  1. Tan Mom
  2. Honey Boo Boo Child – get your Go-Go Juice ready!
  3. The Cast of Girls
  4. Jessie J.
  5. Black Widow from Avengers
  6. Sh*t Girls Say
  7. Carley Rea Jepson/Call Me Maybe
  8. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West
  9. Gabby Douglas – go for the gold!
  10. Michelle and Barack Obama
  11. Big Ang
  12. Snooky and Baby
  13. Katniss/Hunger Games
  14.  Pinterest
  15. Kate Middleton & Prince Williams – Olympic edition
  16. Ann & Mitt Romney
  17. Miley Cyrus’ New Haircut
  18. Lana Del Rey
  19. Katie Holmes & Suri
  20. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman
  21. Jennifer Aniston as a Bride/Justin Theroux
  22. Katie Perry Part of Me Movie Reel Costume
  23. Zou Bisou

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With the presidential elections right around the corner we have a feeling you are going to see a lot of political costumes featuring the President and Governor Romney – snap pics of your favorite Halloween costumes this year and post them to our Facebook or Tweet them @SheaApartments.

Let us know what you are planning to be this year.

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