Posted By Heather Rusick on 10/8/12 7:59 AM

corte bella apartments fountain valley

There are several pronounced differences between decorating a home and an apartment. In most cases, you can’t re-carpet, restructure and make modifications to an apartment. Not to worry though, your personal style can still shine through. Here are five tips to help you customize your living space to suit your needs, without costing you a fortune in move-out fees and the hassle of extensive restorations.

Ask about design – Ask your community manager what options are available to make improvements. Many apartment communities, (including ours) allow you to paint an accent wall, adding a bold splash of color to your living space.

Work with the space. Do you like the look of vaulted ceilings? Prefer direct sun for maximum light? Make sure to tour all the units you can in order to see which ones complement your tastes. Light and space can serve as bold design statements. Check out the dramatic vaulted ceilings in the unit above, available at Corte Bella in Fountain Valley.

Accessorize! Most apartment homes feature neutral color schemes to complement the furniture you have. Accessories can define your look without breaking the bank. Think throw pillows, vases, art pieces and picture frames in a complementary color scheme.

Bring the outdoors in – Add some greenery to your home with indoor plants. Interior plants come in all shapes and sizes and can complement your existing look. Plants make a bold design statement and literally breathe life into your design.

Wall-to-wall style. If you don’t want to or are restricted from painting, consider installing some wall shelves to display colorful accessories. Picture frames and treasures that reflect your personality will look great, and you can swap out items to keep it fresh.

Working within the community standards of your apartment home shouldn’t present an obstacle to expressing your design style. Follow these simple tips to enhance your living experience and add a splash of style to your home!

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