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apartment friendly dogs

Considering adding a pooch to complement your pad? Great! Dogs are versatile, and when it comes down to it, love conquers all; but we’ve stumbled across some great information that highlights breeds that are optimally suited for smaller spaces. So if you’re anxious to be cuddling your canine in one of our dog-friendly apartments, read on to discover five of the best breeds for apartment living!

Pekingese – a low maintenance lover. Known as an Imperial breed from China, this dog has an adorable personality and is generally content napping the day away while you’re at work. Some describe the Pekingese as “snobby” but we think they just appreciate a luxurious living environment.

French Bulldog – a fine fella with few flaws. French Bulldogs are small, compact and pretty lazy. They have a short coat that requires little upkeep and are fairly quiet. You’ll love their personality and their quirks.

Boston Terrier – Known as the “American Gentleman” this breed was originally bred as a hunting dog but later bred down for companionship. They are highly intelligent and loyal. Boston’s love to play indoors and are a great choice for someone looking for an active dog ideally suited for apartment life.

Italian Greyhound – The 45 MPH couch potato. Italian Greyhounds may seem like they need a lot of activity, but ironically, they much prefer to snuggle up in a comfortable spot and relax. They do love short bursts of activity; great for a quick jog around the property.

Pugs – Compact comedians. Pugs are curious yet calm, spunky yet relaxed and full of wonder. Their small size and relative lack of need for exercise makes them ideal apartment dogs. Consider a pug if you have children as they get along with them quite well!

It’s always a great idea to adopt! Many small mixed breeds can be found at your local animal shelter. Stop by for a visit and you just may find your next best friend! offers a great listing of adoptable animals in your area. Of course you’ll find your best pet-friendly apartment at All the best to you and your furry friend.

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