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Food truck craze

We’re sure you’ve heard of the phrase “meals on wheels.” The recent explosion of the food truck scene has taken this expression to a new, more delicious level. Highly-specialized, gourmet food trucks are a hot dining trend and it’s one that’s been easy for us to get on board with. So how do you catch a bite at one of these high-brow tasty trucks? We’ve got to admit, chasing them down can be a bit of a task, albeit a savory and satisfying one.

In the early days of the food truck scene, you literally had to hunt your meal down using Twitter. Not a big deal if you Tweet, and you don’t mind playing wild-goose chase.  Trucks would Tweet their location and the crowds would converge. (Be sure to follow us on Twitter, although we don’t do the cooking, yet).

Luckily nowadays, gourmet Food Trucks tend to converge in groups or in clusters at regular intervals, making the process of scoring your favorite Korean street taco or gourmet grilled cheese a bit easier.  The OC Fairgrounds host a double dose of food trucks ever week! From 5:30 – 9:00 pm each Wednesday, you can find the likes of the Baconmania Truck, Seabirds, The Burnt Truck and SoHo Taco for a tasty dinner event filled with good food and good fun. (Truck schedule varies, check Facebook for the current line up). Thursdays at the Fairgrounds see a different batch of trucks for the lunch scene: 11am – 2pm to be exact. The Thursday event has hosted gourmet a-go-go trucks such as The Lobsta Truck, Ragin Cajun and Chunk N Chip! Corte Bella and Crystal Springs in Fountain Valley residents, this is the perfect activity for you!

Head a bit south to Irvine on Thursdays for The Food Truck Roundup, 11am – 2pm every Thursday at Michelson and Teller streets. Located less than 5 miles from Woodbridge Apartments. Hint.

Of course, you can always find your favorite mobile meal by visiting a truck’s website. Here’s some of our favorites to check out. We’ve included their Twitter handle too!

Happy hunting!

Seabirds – Orange County’s Original Veggie Truck @Seabirds

Baconmania - Unabashedly American unapologetic man-food - @BACONMANia

Tropical Shave Ice - Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice - @Shaveice

The Lime Truck - Whirlwind of palate - pleasing new American cuisine - @TheLimeTruck

The Burnt Truck – Sliders, sliders, sliders. - @TheBurntTruck

SoHo Taco – Gourmet Tacos - @SOHOTACO

The Lobsta Truck – Serving Lobster Rolls & More - @LobstaTruck

Have any other meals on wheels favs?  

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