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The spice cabinet, a key cabinet in all kitchens around America. A cabinet that can bring life to any dull dish and a cabinet that can create great memories with just a little dash. For such an important cooking cabinet in houses and apartments nationwide, why are most of them so unorganized and just plain scary? If your spice cabinet makes you cringe or if you continually buy the same spices over and over again to avoid your spice clutter, you are in desperate need of a spice cabinet makeover. TODAY!

The fabulous Lori from Recipe Girl has some great ideas on how to get your spice cabinet organized in a couple of quick and easy steps.

  • Buy Supplies. Step one is pretty standard, to get organized your need supplies! Large metal utensil organizers and metal containers with magnetic bottoms are great product to start with. Once you have those items crossed off your list, pick up two sets of price tag stickers (Michael’s is a great place to go).  The first set is to label your tins with the spice and the second set is to date when the spice was purchased.

organize cabinet

  • Get to Work. Now that you have all your supplies it’s time to have some fun with your spice cabinet and setup your metal containers. Secure your metal containers to your cabinets, this can be done by nailing them in or using hooks.  For apartment living I do not suggest nailing your metal utensil holders in but just standing them upright to avoid cabinet damage and ultimately a move-out fee. A metal stair organizer is also a great solution to resist the temptation of nailing utensil holders into your cabinets.
  • Transfer spices. Once you have completed setup of your organizers it is time to label and fill your tins with delicious spices and place them on your organizers.

organize spice cabinet

How do you organize your spice cabinet? Upload your pics to our blog or Facebook page!

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