Posted By Heather Rusick on 6/22/12 6:30 AM

summer bucket lists

The kids are getting out of school, which means one thing, the kiddies will be home all day, every day, for summer and they can get bored easy! To keep your kids active this summer and out of your hair put them to work, fun work, by creating your family’s summer bucket list – a list of all the activities that they would like to do this summer.

Have each of your kids write down 25 things they would like to do this summer, from a water balloon fight or flashlight tag to making paper airplane or baking cookies. Once your kids are finished with their activities list collect them to proof. If all ideas are good to go, put each activity on a separate paper and fold in half. While you are doing this, have each of your kiddos decorate a jar, not only will the jar be used for their summer activities, but this will keep them busy and they will have fun doing it.

Once the kids are finished giving their jar its own personal style, place the individual summer activities in the each jar.

Each morning have the kiddies pick a piece of paper out of one of the jars. The summer activity chosen will be your kids fun for the day.  Alternate the jar you choose from each day so both kid are equally involved.

Here are so fun ideas to tell your kids while they are compiling their lists:

  • Backwards Day – Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, eat dessert before lunch
  • Hold a bike wash
  • Make a map of your bedroom, house, or neighborhood
  • Sponge Tag – get 2 or 3 large car sponges and several buckets of water. Whoever is “it” grabs a sponge and gets it wet. If you are hit with the sponge, you are it.
  • Organize a game of Dodge Ball
  • Design your own roller coaster with household items
  • Plan a lemonade stand or bake sale
  • Learn magic tricks, plan a magic show
  • Make art for an evening art show
  • Nature scavenger hunt
  • Paint rocks
  • Build a sand castle
  • Squirt gun fight
  • Host a sports tournament
  • Play restaurant – have the kids decorate the house and choose the menu

What is on your family’s summer activities list?

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